The Great Collection of Great Stories by Saket Singh, XI Science

Book Name: – The Great Collection of Great Stories

Publisher Name: – Prashant Publications India

Author: – Miscellaneous

Price: – Rs. 75

Accession No: – 12129

This book is amazing. I loved the book as I am a big fan of supernatural, and horror stories. This book has the stories of very famous authors like Bram stoker who revealed the world of Dracula, Arthur Doyle who give the world of spies a new perspective by the great Sherlock Holmes, etc. I liked almost all stories specially The Secret of the Growing Gold…that is amazing one and of course horrifying so. This book fulfills the demand of the readers in all ways. It served the great stories of 19th century which I think was more  suspense filled written stories.

Saket Singh

XI Science


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