FIVE POINT SOMEONE by Nivedita Anand, XI Science


Author’s name: Chetan Bhagat

Book no.: 12775

Book price :  Rs. 95

‘Five Point Someone’ is the book written by a very well known IITian and professional writer Chetan Bhagat. He is the author of mainly two blockbusters novels i.e. ‘Five Point Someone’ and ‘One Night @ The Call Center’.

This book is worth reading. It convey the message that what matters id your intelligence, not your marks. This may lead towards our future destruction. As happend with those three boys.

The story is about all ups and down a student have to face in IIT life. Also the education system in IIT. The reactions of those three on their low GPA and education system there. The result of their result on their life, their daily habit and their image. How their marks resulted in the way of  their treatment by proffessors and other collage students. All these leads them to the wrong path. To steal the question papers of majors. They lost their semester, their fame, their everything.

Despite of these, many good things are also described like the strongest bond of friedship they share, their creativity, their thinking that marks doesn’t matter but your intelligence.

This story has great characters and captivating plot. The novel is funny, yet touching, and pacey.




Roll no. 13

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