Australian legendary tales by Sonu Kumar Yadav, X B

Book name – Australian legendary tales
Writer name – K. Langhol Parker
Published by Mind Melodies
In this book author makes appeal to the fancy which is all its own. As you know story have been all time favourite for children. They not only offer a healthy entertainment to children but also import moral lesson to them. He tells the development modern teaching techniques . In this book it puts together 31 legendary Tales Of The Tribe of black Australia. The book also contains a section on comparison and language practice based on the text of the story.
          And a good number of exercise are given to improve the combination and language skill of the children. They explain the habits and characters of the birds and beast and account in a familiar way for the origin of death. We see the Channing of sewage in the device for hunting especially for chasing honey bees the rain magic actually practiced is of curious interest.
                                 Name – Sonu Kumar Yadav
                                 Class -10th B
                                 Roll no. 27

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