A Real Giraffe by Ajay Prajapati, VII A

Name of the book – A Real Giraffe

Acc.No. of the book – 13224

Publication – National Book Trust, India

Price of this book – 18\-

This book is very nice. In this book the story of a giraffe. The Title of this book The Real Giraffe. The language of book is English. This book is written by Deepa Agarwal. The subject of this book is Nehru BAL Pustakalaya. In this book only 20 pages. Year of publication-2017.  (Story)= Akshay said, “I know what I want for my birthday. I want a real Giraffe, papa looked at mamma. Mamma looked at papa” we need to a discuss this. Separately” we cannot have a real giraffe in the house,” mamma said to papa.” It might break the roof!”. “If we keep it outside “papa said it might eat up all the garden.” Can’t we give something else,” they said to Akshay.” A nice doggie? A cute kitty cat? A talking Parrot?”  NO! Akshay said. I want a Giraffe. Mamma said. “You can’t buy a giraffe! Mamma said.” You can’t buy one in the market.” “You can’t order one on the internet, either,” said papa. “Know where you can get you a real giraffe,” Akshay said. “You can get a real giraffe from the jungle. You can tell me giraffe from the jungle we visited. The jungle where the big tiger lives,” Akshay suggested. “Oh but there are no giraffe in that jungle, “papa said. “Yes mamma added giraffe live for away. They live in the jungle in .Africa”. “Why do giraffe live away akshay screamed. “ I want a giraffe! I want a REAL GIRAFFE!” papa looked at mamma. Mamma looked at papa. Then mama said,” Giraffe live in Africa because it is   their papas and mammas.” Yes papa said like you live with mamma & papa in your home.” Yes mamma said.” If you take a giraffe away from its mamma & papa it will be very sad. Like the giraffe in the zoo is always sad. “Oh-o,” Akshay said.” The giraffe lives with its papa & mamma in Africa? Like I live with my mamma & papa?” akshay begins to think…….. “I don’t want to make it sad… .”He declares. “all right you can give me a doggie …… but a really nice doggie!” Publication of this book is (National Book Trust, India) and A.cc. No. of this book is 13224 and the price of this book is 18\- .
.                                                                                                                        Ajay prajapati

.                                                                                                                         VII A


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