Fairy Tales by Achman Seth, VIII A

Book Name – Fairy Tales
Book Writer – NavNeet
Book Number – 11062
Publisher – NavNeet publications
( India) Limited

This book name is Fairy tales. I am very glade to get this book .This is very moral full book .In this there are seven chapterI am read the story at fairy tales and glide into sleep,This book are so nice and I am read this book we feel very happyWhen I am interested to read this book her chapter are very knowledge full and enjoy full. In this book one of the best lesson ” The lazy Brahmin “. This story are so nice .When I read this chapter and I am very enjoy this chapter. All lessons had written very nicely .I read all lessons have moral ‘ But the lesson’ The Brahmin are very lazy.  In this lesson the moral was very fabulous. I learnt something moral of this lesson . I also learnt thing that when we fight difficult conditions and we difficult conditions we are handle to nicely.
” The Lazy Brahmin” The Brahmin was very lazy and never liked to do hard work. The Brahmin decided to leave the house and go to some other place to try his luck.The next morning the Brahmin took the snack with him and left the house. In the afternoon, he sat under a tree to rest for sometimes. He was very hungry. That I will eat all the seven in one sitting”. It so happened that there lived seven fairies in this tree. They were frightened on hearing the words of the Brahmin. The Brahmin wanted to eat them. ” O kind Brahmin! Please do not eat us. If you spare us, we will give you a magic goat. Whenever this goat opens her mouth to graze, gold coins drop out from it”. Brahmin took the goat and left.Brahmin came to the village where his friend lived. So Brahmin decided to put up at his friend’s house for that night. The friend Welcomed. The Brahmin told him every thing about the fairies and the magic goat . The Brahmin was asleep his friend got up a magic goat and the gold coins . The next morning Brahmin brought some grass and put it before the goat to eat . The goat opened her mouth to eat the grass,but alas! Not a single gold coin dropped out from her mouth. The Brahmin’s wife was furious and said, the Brahmin wife told her those fairies have cheated you ” The Brahmin go to the forest o fairies you have cheated me .
The fairies said ” O Brahmin believe us ,we have not cheated you “,Brahmin told the fairies about all the places where he had stayed and all the people he had met on his way home.The fairies understood everything and said ,” Your friends has cheated you  but we are giving you magic rope and magic stick.The Brahmin take them and go to the friend’s house .The Brahmin go to the friend house , he was welcomed The Brahmin did not tell him anything about theagic things . Brahmin was asleep , his friend got up and started searching his bag . The magic rope and magic stick came out of the bag. The friend was tied by the rope and the stick started hitting him hard on his back.So when his friend promised to return to magic goat. The Brahmin asked the stick to stop hitting.The Brahmin back home with all the magic things. The Brahmin and his wife lived happily. The story was end

Name – Achaman Seth
Class- 8 ‘A’
Roll no.- 1
My school name – kendriya vidyalaya Azamgarh

About kvazamgarh

Kendriya vidyalaya, Azamgarh was established in the year 1974. Classes for 10th started in the year 1979 and classes for 12th started in the year 1981 respectively. This Library blog has been started in 2014 and library automation also became functional powered by e-granthalaya software provided by NIC.
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