Hard Times by SUPRATI SINGH, XI Science

Suprati Singh








Name of Book: Hard Times
Name of Author: Charles Dickens
Date of Review: 02/11/2017
Name of Publisher: G.K.Chesterton
Year of Publication: 1907

The title shows that this novel consists matter where the author tells about the difficulties or problems of the people. This novel was written when French revolution was at its peak .And tells us that what circumstances was there problems of middle class families in Britain at that time.
Shows the savagery and squalor of that time. And in this way novel enhances our knowledge about the French revolution and enhances our vocabulary also. Another thing that struck me was Dickens’s superb style of prose. He moves in quick succession from the philosophical, and then suddenly without warning to the satirical. Occasionally his sentences are so long that I’m forced to re read them to grab the meaning. This is one of the most uplifting of Dickens’s novels. This book is certainly different from all the other books by Charles Dickens as it has no particular central character. Well all the other novels by Dickens have a strong connection with London but this story depicts Coke town and Coke town only, a typical red-brick industrial city of the north. Hard Times is a very tragic and wonderfully described story of human oppression.




ADMN.NO. 6700

DATE: 03/11/2017

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Akbar Birbal by Shivam Agrawal, XI Commerce

Shivam Agrawal, XI Science

Title- Akbar Birbal

Book no- 12123

Writer- Arvind Nanda

Publisher-Maruti Prakashan, New Delhi

Price: 60/-

Birbal the famous minister in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar who ruled between 1556 to1605 A.D. Although historical reference does not elaborate the existence of such a quick-witted person in Akbar’s court, Birbal has become a legendary figure in the folk lards and fables of the north India.

Known for his writing and sharp intelligence, Birbal is beloved to be an apostle of wisdom. I found myself smiling or laughing at the end of each story. The way Birbal solved problems stunned me. This is a joyous book. Anyone can read it because it is a fantastic swirl of Indian history, Indian way of life and hilarious description of events.



ROLL NO. : 34

DATE: 03/11/2017

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India- Al-Biruni by Paritosh Upadhyay


Book Name:- India By Al-Biruni

Author:-Qeyamuddin Ahmed

Book No.:-13248

Publication:- National Book Trust

This is a very knowledgeble, attractive and generous book. It has a nice cover page with attractive fonts. Al-Biruni was a great writer of his time. He will observe the fluctuation of Indian as well as Greek ideology in last decades. He celebrated mathematician and astronomer, came to India in the wake of the invading forces of Mahmud of Ghazni in the eleventh century. His enquiry into India, popularly known in its original Arabic version as [“Tarikhul Hind”,]

This book is the set acknowledging facts and figures. This book will reflect the condition of Indian as well as Arabic society in the past. Basically Al-Biruni tries to create a sense of affirmation. I was so much delighted to read this book and get enormous knowledge about the ancient history of the Indian subcontinent. This book contains attractive cover page. Its fonts are easy to understand. There is some use of abbreviation and some Arabic words with meaning. This book is published by National Book Trust which is most popular and authentic publication in India.




CLASS: – XI SCIENCE                                                                                                                                                       DATE: – 1/10/2017




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भारत के राष्ट्रपति by Anshuman Yadav, VI B

पुस्तक का नाम – भारत के राष्ट्रपति

लेखक का नाम – पुष्पा सिन्हा

प्रकाशक – ग्रन्थ अकादमी

मूल्य – 50.00

परिग्रहण संख्या – 12642

पुस्तक के बारे में

यह किताब बहुत-बहुत ही अच्छी लगी है। इस किताब में भारत के हर राष्ट्रपति के बारे में दिया गया है। यह किताब बहुत ही अच्छी है। इसमे बहुत ज़्यादा ज्ञान की बातें लिखी गयी है। इससे मुझे के हर राष्ट्रपति के बारे में बहुत कुछ पता लगा है। मै ये सब कभी नहीं भूलूंगा। इसमें से मैं बहुत से राष्ट्रपति के बारे में मैं नहीं जानता था। भारत के हर राष्ट्रपति ने इस पद तक पहुँचने हेतु बहुत ही संघर्ष किया और इनमें से अधिकांश बहुत ही गरीब परिवार से थे। उनसे हमे बहुत प्रेरणा मिलती है और मिलती रहेगी। जिससे हम आगे बढ सकते हैं। मैं चाहता हूँ की ये किताब सब लोग अथवा सब बच्चे भी पढ़े और सीख लें।  मुझे यह किताब बहुत अच्छी लगी है।


नाम – अंशुमान यादव

कक्षा – छः (6)

रोल नं – आठ (8)

दिनांक – 03-11-2017


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मेरा संघर्ष (हिटलर की आत्मकथा) by Abhishek Mani, IX B


पुस्तक का नाम – मेरा संघर्ष (हिटलर की आत्मकथा)

अनुवादक- चारू सपरा व मीनू पसरीजा


प्रकाशक – न्यू साधना पॉकेट बुक्स दिल्ली


हिटलर को लोग बहुत बदनाम शासक समझते थे, परन्तु मेरा संघर्ष, अर्थात हिटलर

की आत्मकथा एक ऐसा ऐतेहासिक ग्रन्थ है जो लोगों की इस गलत धारणा को

गलत सिद्ध करता है. इस पुस्तक में हिटलर ने जर्मनी के दर्द और अपनी मानसिक

पीड़ा को प्रस्तुत किया है. हिटलर को विश्व मानवता का दुश्मन समझा जाता है,

परन्तु उसके चरित्र को ऊँचा उठाने में उसकी राष्ट्रवादी मनोवृति का विशेष योगदान रहा.

हिटलर की इस पुस्तक माईन काम्फ में राजनीती के स्वरुप राजनीतिज्ञों के

आचरण संसद की भूमिका शिक्षा के महत्व श्रमिको व सदारण जनमानस की

मानसिकता नौकरशाही भाग्य और प्रकृति मानवीय मूल्यों तथा सबसे बढकर

राष्ट्रीय भावना की महानता आदि का विवरण किया गया है. आज हमारे

समाज में अनेक ऐसी बुराइया विद्यमान है जो समाज को खोखला कर रही है.

यदि इन बुराइयों को जल्द ही नही रोका गया, तो इसमें कोई आस्चर्य की बात

नही की भारत में भी किसी हिटलर का जन्म होगा वह इस सब बुराइयों को जड़

से उखाड़  फेंकेगा. हिटलर की आत्मकथा को पढ़कर आज के युवाओ में राष्ट्रीयता

की भावना जागृत करना ही इस पुस्तक का मुख्य उदेश्य है.

अभिषेक मणि

कक्षा- नवीं (ब)

अनुक्रमांक- ०२

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YEAR: 1995

PRICE: Rs 40.00


This novel attempt, under the aegis of UNESCO, In this book plays for children are not many and rare still are stage able ones. This is a unique collection of children’s plays, one each from Australia, Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, North Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Detailed instruction for costumes and stage setting has been given for each play. Here is a chance for schools and drama clubs to present plays from various countries of our continent. And the choice of so many plays comes for just as little as forty rupees. The illustrations accompanying each play would surely evoke children’s imagination and that may well be the beginning of exciting rehearsals and lovely acting.

At developing books for Asian children by Asian authors. To have children in the twenty odd countries of the continent we inhabit, it’s a great new beginning. The many worlds from Tehran to Tokyo intermingle to give colour to words that children across the continent, if not the world, would love to read these books are steps for bridging minds and creating a common heritage for this vast continent. This is the very best of Asia today .Thank you.








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MY CHILDHOOD DAYS by Krishna Giri, XI Science


BOOK NO: 11989

PRICE: Rs. 60

This book gives us a chance to peep into this famous personality’s childhood. Originally written in Bengali under the title of “Chelebela”, the 88 paged translated book gives the reader a feeling very close to the one that comes while reading the original. The simple language is illustrative and very descriptive. One disadvantage of the book is that, it is necessary for the reader to be familiar with little bit of Bengali as the essays contain many Bengali words. This issue too has been solved to some extent by the editor with meanings of certain words and phrases below the page.
Coming to the story, it just goes on with a certain continuity where the author describes his boyhood days and the precious relationships he shared with his surroundings, mother, brothers, “Bouthakruns”(sister-in law), servants and tutors in a lovely fashion. He hated school and routine study. Rabindranath , as a boy kept to himself. His description of – he in his play with his toy, the palanquin is a part I enjoyed thoroughly. His vivid elaborations of his surroundings remind the reader of the old lanes, houses, people and atmosphere of Calcutta during the British period.
The book should be read by one and all for a glimpse of the remarkable person’s remarkable childhood.




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सीपियाँ by Priti Saini, X B

पुस्तक कारण नाम- सीपियाँ
प्रकाशन-सी बी टी प्रकाशन

यह पुस्तक कई कहानियों से मिल कर बनी है। जिसमें कई रोचक कहानियां हैं। जैसे ” रंगीन कोट” यह कहानी नवीन बाबु पर लिखी गई है। जो बच्चों से बहुत प्यार करते थे। वह हमेशा बच्चों के साथ रहना पसंद करते थे ।वह बच्चों की खुशी में अपनी खुशी समझते थे। नवीन बाबु की एक कपड़े की दुकान थी छोटी सी साफ सुथरी दुकान। उन्होंने अपनी दुकान को इस तरह सजाया था कि कोई एक बार देख ले तो उसकी तरफ खींचा चला आए। नवीन बाबु समाज सेवा को अपना धर्म समझते थे। इसलिए एक बार एक बच्चा उनसे गुस्सा भी हो गया था। बच्चों की ज़िद्द पर उन्होंने अपने लिए एक कोट बनवाया था ।वह भी समाज सेवा में बाढ़ पीड़ितों को दान में दें दिया।

प्रीति सैनी
कक्षा:10वीं ” ब”

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EARTHQUAKES by Sunny Prasad, XI SC



BOOK NO: 11132

PRICE: Rs. 55.00


This book presents a geologist’s perception of earthquakes, their cause (plate tectonics), and methodology of investigation, principal behind instruments, prediction, precautions and economic implications. It highlights the contributions of the Geological Survey of India. In the nineteenth century itself, laid the foundations of scientific study of earthquakes in India and of the plate tectonic theory, which came to be finally proposed around 1960. This book gives the deep knowledge about earthquake. At what condition earthquake occur and also cause of earthquake, seismic zones of earthquake. This entire occurrence we have to convey when we have to read this book. Richter’s magnitude scale for earthquake is an instrumentally measured scale and is a measure of the amount of force released at the earthquake source. It is calculated from the amplitude measured by a standard Wood- Anderson seismograph and corrected in terms of a seismograph supposed to be kept at a distance of 100km from the epicenter. We give message to all readers to read this book and think about its precautions and how it can be controlled in future.



ROLL NO: –   32

DATE: –        31/08/2017

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बढती जनसंख्या और उसके परिणाम by Monu Yadav, X B

किताब का नाम – बढती जनसंख्या और  उसके  परिणाम

लेखक  का नाम  – सुधा गौतम

प्रकाशन का नाम- आशा प्रकाशन गृह 30,नाईवला ,करोल बाग ,नई दिल्ली -110005


यह किताब मुझे  बहुत पसंद आई । इस किताब  मे बढती  जनसंख्या  के  बारे  मे  बताया  गया है ।

इसमे यह भी बताया गया है कि जनसंख्या  वृद्धि  से  कौन -कौन  सी कठिनाई  आती है । जैसे  –

जनसंख्या  वृद्धि  से  बेरोजगारी  की  समस्या उत्पन्न  हो  जाती है  , आवास  की समस्या  , शिक्षा  की कठिनाई, कूडे- कचडे   की समस्या  आदि समस्या  पैदा होती हैं।लेखक  ने  बहुत  अच्छी-अच्छी  बाते कहीं हैं  जो  मुझे  प्रभावित करती  है  जैसे – “हल चलाने  के लिए  हाथ  तो  होंगे लेकिन  खेती  का  आभाव होगा ” । इस  किताब मे जनसंख्या  पर नियंत्रण  करने  के  बारे  मे भी  बताया  गया है । इस पुस्तक  को  पढ़ने  के लिए  मुझे  स्थिरता  की। जरूरत पडी । इसलिए  इसे पढने मेरे समय  लगा ।

नाम- मोनू यादव

कक्षा -10 ब

अनुक्रमाक -14

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