EARTHQUAKES by Arunesh Singh X B

Book Review


Author -: A.K.R. Hemmady

Publisher -: National Book Trust, India

Price -: Rs. 55.00

This book presents a geologist’s perception of earthquakes, their cause (plate tectonics) and methodology of investment, principal behind instruments, prediction, precautions and economic implications. It highlights the contributions of the Geological Survey of India including recognition of ancient glaciations by Bland ford brothers and F. Fadden which led to development of the plate tectonic theory. Few basic principles related to the design of earthquake-resistant structures and the controversy over the Tehri dam and reservoir induced seismicity have been briefly dealt with.

A.K.R. Hemmady (b.1932) worked for the Geological Survey of India from 1955-1988 after completing M.Sc (geology) from Lucknow University. He conducted geological mapping and mineral explorations in Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat. He served as head of the engineering and environmental geology.

Arunesh Singh


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